Uncle Bob about passion for programming and chicken farms

"...we face a lot of pressure to move into management. If you are a software developer for three or four years, you leverage up and you start running a group. I find that very unfortunate.
We need good managers, but software developers typically don’t have those skills and they don’t want those skills.
When they feel the pressure to move in that direction, many of them fail. Maybe they pursue some career in marketing and lose their origin passion for what they were doing. I have certainly faced that several times. I have been a programmer, then I have run a group, then I went back to be a programmer, then I ran a division, then I went back to be a programmer and I ran a company. And now I’m programmer that does a lot of speaking and talking and I am very happy with that.
Some people don’t have that love because they got into software development because of the wrong reasons.
Some of them develop the love because they find out it’s very good to be a programmer and some of them lose the love because they find themselves in an environment that crushes that love out of them. It’s an environment where they are driven by deadlines and driven by pressure and they have to work overtime and after a while they ask themselves: why did I get into this horrible situation?
Then they leave and become a chicken farmer.", Uncle Bob


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