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Joe Armstrong about learning

‎"Programming today hasn't improved much in the last 20 years - it was mess then and it's still a mess. IDE's and revision control systems have just made matters worse - now you have all the old versions of the mess as well as the mess itself, and the IDE means you can't even see the mess. The best IDE in the world is your BRAIN - it's a zillion times better than these clicky things.  Notice there is no quick fix here - if you want a quick fix go buy "learn PHP in ten minutes" and spend the next twenty years googling for "how do I compute the length of a string"" -- Joe Armstrong, creator of Erlang

Optimized Fibonacci in F#

Vlad Chistyakov suggested to use [Memoze] macro attribute to speed up the Nemerle version of Fibonacci function. I don't think it's a very good idea to use macros in situations where plane functions work just well. Look at an optimized F# Fibonacci: The speed is fantastic, as expected: