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Composing custom error types in F#

I strongly believe that we should keep code as referential transparent as possible. Unfortunately, F# language does not encourage programmers to use Either monad to deal with errors. The common practice in the community is using common in the rest .NET (imperative) world exception based approach. From my experienced, almost all bugs found in production are caused by unhandled exceptions.  The problem In our project we've used the Either monad for error handling with great success for about two years. ExtCore  is a great library making dealing with Either, Reader, State and other monads and their combinations really easy. Consider a typical error handling code, which make use Choice computation expression from ExtCore: The code is a bit hairy because of explicit error mapping. We could introduce an operator as a synonym for Choice.mapError, like <!>, after which the code could become a bit cleaner: (actually it's the approach we use at in our team

Go: fib

Go code is relatively low-level since it does not have "foreach over range" syntax construct: Results are not as impressive for a systems language: 2.38 seconds. And it lays below Rust but under Haskell: C# - 1.26 D (DMD) - 1.3 F# - 1.38 Nemerle - 1.45 Rust - 1.66 Go - 2.38 Haskell - 2.8 Clojure - 9 Erlang - 17 Ruby - 60 Python - 120