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Bus-oriented architecture

Nat Pryce   wrote  interesting thoughts about bus-oriented architecture: " I like event-based systems, especially with content based multicast.  I've usually used the style in distributed systems not in a single  process. The big benefit is that you can easily change the components in the  system without fiddling with the "wiring" between them. However, there is a trade-off. The event bus hides the dependencies  between your components. It looks like every component only has a  dependency on the bus, but really they have connections to whichever other components produce events they must react to or react to events  that they produce. If you are not careful, the protocols between  components can become an unintelligible, fragile mess. If you design the system right, you can back out the real dependencies  from your components subscription and advertisement definitions and  thereby visualise the real architecture of the system with graphviz or whatever. But usually