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One more job change :)

27th of May I applied for another job :) If you read my recent posts, you're not confused, I guess :) The new one is named 'Kaspersky Laboratory' and I've done much more on it in these three days than I did on the last job in 2 weeks. So, I'm in a good mood now, heh :)

Very strange job

I've worked for my new employer for almost two weeks. What have you been doing for all that time, Cat? you might ask me. Well, my answer would seem a bit strange: nothing. Yes, I've been doing absolutely nothing for a couple of weeks. As a result, I started looking for a new job today :) I've never been in such confusing situation :( It seems that there has been no tasks for me... OK, it's time to say good bye... Strange, very strange.

Work place moving

Oh, yeah... I was being moved from one work place to another today... An extrimely useful experience, I must say :( I carried the damned pc by myself. After that it tured out that there was no LAN socket near the new desk. Huh... Other funs: no air-conditioner, sunlight falls right on my tiny little (for a propgrammer, at least) 17" LCD making it's nearly impossible to recognize what I'm writing here right now... :( Not a very good day, is it? I've almost started to think about a new job.

New job

After a couple of years I've finally left my last job... Huh. The office of new one is located almost in a forest (well, in a park) :) It takes about 40 mitutes to get there on foot. I'm looking forward to use my new bicycle instead :) Fifteen minutes of fun and you are getting in the office! What can be better?!