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Just started reading  Design Driven Testing: Test Smarter, Not Harder  by Matt Stephens, Doug Rosenberg. The authors declare that DDT is better than TDD. I'm looking forward to get whether it's true :) Anyway, it seems as a wonderful reading in Egypt :) 

Holub is given up

I gave up reading the Holub's book two days ago since it became very boring as the author started unfolding the endless examples :( So, it's time to find another one :)

Holub on Patterns

Recently I started reading "Holub on Patterns: Learning Design Patterns by Looking at Code"  by Allen Holub and I find it very interesting so far. The author's view on OO design is quite fresh and even extraordinary in places. Although his criticism of accessors and class inheritance may look extreme at first, it's become clearer and clearer to me that the author is absolutely right in his ideas. Looking forward to continue the reading!

Steve Freeman about class naming

"...but to me XXX, XXXImpl (or, worse, IXXX, XXX), is a missed opportunity. I want my class name to tell me /something/ about the implementation so I don't have to look in the code: even if it's just that the implementation is backed by a hash set." - Steve Freeman .