Hash maps: Rust, F#, D, Go, Scala

Let's compare performance of hashmap implementation in Rust, .NET, D (LDC) and Go.
As you can see, Rust is slower at about 17% on insersions and at about 21% on lookups.


As @GolDDranks suggested on Twitter, since Rust 1.7 it's possible to use custom hashers in HashMap. Let's try it:
Yes, it's significantly faster: additions is only 5% slower than .NET implementation, and lookups are 32% *faster*! Great.

Update: D added

LDC x64 on windows
It's very slow at insertions and quite fast on lookups.

Update: Go added

Update: Scala added

Compared to Scala all the other languages looks equally fast :) What's worse, Scala loaded all four CPU cores at almost 100% during the test, while others used roughly single core. My guess is that JVM allocated so many objects (each Int is an object, BTW), that 3/4 of CPU time was spend for garbage collecting. However, I'm a Scala/JVM noob, so I just could write the whole benchmark in a wrong way. Scala developers, please review the code and explain why it's so slow (full IDEA/SBT project is here). Thanks!


Anonymous said…
The tests a re not the same. The equivalent of what you do in Go to D is

elapsed = stopTime!({
auto acc = 0;
foreach(i; 0 .. 50_000_000)
acc += m[i] % 10;
}) ;

Also in D you seem to repeat twice the operations because of the additional

auto _ = m[x];

Which is not done in the other languages. So finally I think that's it's unfair.
What you really should do in D is

elapsed = stopTime!({
auto acc = 0;
foreach(x; source) {
if (auto v = x in m)
acc += *v % 10;

And you'll see the lookup time reduced by 65 to 75 %.
Vasily said…
Thanks! I've fixed the D code as well as Go one (it does not use random numbers for filling the map), I will rerun both of them tonight.
Vasily said…
I rerun the benchmarks. D's become the winner at lookups.
Vasily said…
Added Scala. It's very, very slow.
Unknown said…
Scala/JVM's boxing and unboxing is very slow in such a tight loop.
Eclipse collections may be useful.

https://gist.github.com/zakki/66d785b4a9d3c64bc9f8199d7e290e07 13x faster
miegir said…
The F# one is not really F#-specific, it is the translation of what can be done in C# and other .NET languages. I prefer to call it ".NET", not "F#".
Vasily said…
I don't care about C# or Nemerle or whatever. I'm still on .net solely because of F#.
Kulma said…
@miegir made a fair point. For idmiomatic F# you'd rather use a `Map`
Vasily said…
@Kulma The post is called "Hash maps: Rust, F#, D, Go, Scala". F# Map is an AVL tree map, not a hash map. So, the choice of Dictionary in the F# code is fair.

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