Going to get rid of git

After a whole month of fighting with Git I'm almost ready to switch to Mercurial (and to move my team as well).

Branching in Git is extremely flexible and, as a result, it's very, very annoying and error prone. Another cons of Git is lack of quality GUI. TortoiseGit is a clone of TortoiseSVN and does not mirror the Git concepts at all - it's nothing but a windows shell extension. GitExtensions is so horrible internally (I fixed some bugs and added a couple of features into it recently) that I don't believe it's going to get stable...

In the other hand, Mercurial has a superior GUI - TortoiseHg. I can't realize how the same company is able to do such a awful thing as TortoiseGit and such a wonderful one as TortoiseHg.


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