"Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests" book

"Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests" by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce is the most useful, serious and well-written book I've read in last couple of years. It's all about TDD (test-driven development) and OOD. The book shows how unit tests evolve good OO design and how end-to-end tests let the programmer be sure that the hole system actually works. The book is not for juniors - to get the ideas work for you, you must have many years of experience as a software developer, not an architect, a project manager, a coder or whatever.

Every programmer writing in any OO programmer language must read the book twice. I've done.

Among others, I like the authors' conception of "test data builders" which extremely simplifies creating value type objects in tests. There's an open source library for create the builders easier - "Mare It Easy" (its .NET port is available here). I've just tried the latter one and I realized I'll fall in love with it soon :)


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